Our Snowy Adventure

Living in Phoenix where the average temperature is 75 degrees even during the winter, you wouldn’t think there was snow so close to the city.  But just a short two hour drive away is the city of Flagstaff which is a small town more reminiscent of the Colorado mountains than the Arizona desert. We decided to take an impromptu road trip (not so easy when you have a baby who hates their car seat and a three year old toddler) over the weekend so the kids can play in the snow.

The plan was to go up Saturday morning and stay until Monday afternoon.  Our plans didn’t exactly go as planned because Mark caught the stomach bug Friday night and we ended up cancelling our Saturday hotel reservation.  Luckily, he felt much better by Saturday evening and we made the trek on Sunday morning. The first half hour of the car ride was a hot mess. Let’s just say there was a lot of screaming and lots of tears (and not just from the kids). But the rest of the way the kids fell asleep and the drive was pretty uneventful.  Uneventful is good –it’s really good when you have kids. Mamas, am I right?  We made it there late in the afternoon so we headed straight to the mountains to get our snow play on.  We had two full days of fun in the snow and we had an amazing time.  I’m sharing a few tips on how we survived the wintry weather.


wintry travel tips

  • Bundle up!!! Warm coats, boots, hats and gloves were a must. I’m linking some of our winter weather outfits down below.
  • If you have little babies like us, limit outdoor play time to no more than 30 – 45 minute increments.  Babies have no way of clearly telling us when they are cold so limiting their time out in the cold helps make sure they don’t get overexposed to the elements.
  • Bring something fun for them to play with to make play time special.  We picked up this super cute woody wagon playhouse from Pottery Barn Kids just before our trip and it was a hit! We set it up to play with in the snow and even used it to occupy the kids in the hotel.  It was so easy to set up. We will definitely be getting plenty of use out of it. And right now it’s on sale!!! If the woody wagon isn’t your cup of tea, they have plenty of other adorable designs available online.
  • Be flexible and take it slow! Take your cue from the kids.  As a parent, I plan and have plenty of things I want to do with my kids.  But there were times during this trip when Mark or Ella were just clearly over it. It was a bit disappointing but knowing when to switch gears helped save us from some major breakdowns.
  • Be prepared for the weather and never underestimate the snow.  In our case we learned this the hard way. We decided to take our car to drive in the snow when a 4X4 or SUV would definitely have been better.  We actually ended up being stuck in the ditch.  Thankfully, some kind strangers helped us push the car out and we were able to finally move, but it could have been bad.  But at least it made for a great story when we got home.
  • Bonus tip!!! Make a pit stop at Target if there’s one around.  If your kid is anything like mine, it would make his day. It was nice to go somewhere familiar while we were out on the road.  We let him pick a treat that he can open at the hotel.  I swear, it was his favorite part of the trip

what we wore

mark: toggle coat (similar Gap Kids)  | duck boots (Gap Kids)

ella: quilted chambray bear one-piece (baby Gap)

mommy: gray peacoat (Old Navy) | red tall Hunter boots (Hunter Boots)


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